Meet the New Ambassadors - 2/3

Posted by: Downtown Lethbridge
Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Welcome to the second segment of the three part Blog series, where we will discover all about our new ambassadors. Today: Payton 


If you are unaware of the ambassadors, you won't be for long! The ambassadors are a team of students whose purpose in Downtown is to be a voice from the BRZ to businesses and people of Downtown Lethbridge. As well they run marketing, awareness and events. If you see them downtown, say hi!


Payton just finished her first year at Lakeland College in the University Transfer program for her degree in education majoring in General Sciences where she also plays basketball. She admits that basketball takes up most of her life. Payton wanted to be an ambassador so she could become comfortable in a professional environment, while also getting to be creative. Being a creative person, Payton  excels in social media posting and creating using her photography skills she inherited from her mother. Payton looks forward to when festival square opens and the area right outside the BRZ becomes a bustling metropolis of friendly faces and interesting people to talk to. When Payton isn't taking pictures for local businesses, she spends her well earned personal time playing basketball, working out, playing guitar, drawing, painting and doing all the fun stuff! With all the creative energy Payton is definitely an asset that we at the BRZ are glad we have!


Welcome, Payton!

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