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Are you students??

Just show us your student's ID card and will receive 15% discount on all services. Offer will be ended Nov30,2017 -

Just show us your student's... - Le's Nail Salon - Downtown

First Friday at Canadian Blood Services

Friday, November 3rd -

Anyone visiting Canadian Blood Services on First Friday can enter to win a... - Canadian Blood Services

First Friday at Mocha Cabana

Friday, November 3rd - Anyone visiting Canadian Blood Services on... - Mocha Cabana

First Friday at Streatside Eatery

Friday, November 3rd - Enter to win a $50 Gift Card! - Streatside Eatery

First Friday at The Shoe Tree

Friday, November 3rd - Enter a draw to win a $50 gift card - The Shoe Tree

First Friday at Blueprint Entertainment

Friday, November 3rd - 10% off EVERYTHING! (excludes ticket purchases) - Blueprint Entertainment

First Friday at Edible Elegance

Friday, November 3rd - Buy 2 cupcakes Edible Elegance cake & bake shop on #FirstFriday get 3rd free... - Edible Elegance